Premium Domains – What Are They?

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Premium domain names or simply premium domains represent high-quality domain names that are already registered. They cost more not only because they are taken at the moment, but also because they have specific characteristics. We will use this blog post to reveal these characteristics and properties.

First of all, premium domains are usually short and simple. This means that they are easy to remember. If a person memorizes the domain name after just one visit then you are looking at a domain name that’s easy to remember. Of course, these domains must be easy to pronounce too.

After that, premium domains typically represent generic domains like or or are not generic domains. It’s obvious that the latter belongs to specific businesses or individuals.

As we already said, the best premium domains are difficult to misspell and simple to spell. Is it possible for someone to misspell a word like food? However, you will have difficulties spelling something like

In most cases, people consider domain names to be premium when they are related to specific products. For instance, clothes and food are products that will always be in demand in our modern society. For example, some trendy gadgets that we can live without like the electric scooters are probably just a trend that will fade away in the next few years.

Premium domains will never violate trademark rights. It’s really difficult to find a generic domain that may be violating this type of rights, but sometimes websites have tricky names that can lead to lawsuits. Take Apple for example. Is it a generic name? Yes. Is it a well-known tech brand? Yes. This is the reason why this company had a few lawsuits in the past few years.

Finally, premium domains come with extensions that match the language of the name itself. This is another tricky issue because there are domain extensions that don’t suggest any geographical connection like .com, .org or .info. In other words, you can use domain names of any kind to these extensions. However, if you are opting for a country-specific domain extension like .ru, .fr, .de, .it or. Ie you should look for a name that suits the language spoken in that country.

We hope that this article will help you understand the value of premium domains and why it’s a good idea to buy one.

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